Food Guide: Noma, My Perfect Storm

My brother’s a Chef. Just got his Red Seal thank you very much and I am oh so proud of him. And in awe of everything he’s accomplished, all of the culinary journeys he’s been on and the guts he has to take chances and adventure. He’s in Sylt, Germany for the next year, working at a one Michelin Star Restaurant, KAI3. Check it out. The resort doesn’t look half bad either.

Which takes me to my love for food and the culinary world. I’m an ok cook. I can follow a recipe pretty well and I can improvise in some cases or create the odd win. I’ve never worked BOH in a restaurant, barely even served really but there is something so grabbing about food and watching people cook, discussing restaurants and telling stories about culinary experiences that pulls every emotion out of me and ignites my core. Masterchef makes me cry.

So have you watched Noma: My Perfect Storm? Do. My family and I have long talked about René Redzepi, and followed his recent pop-up restaurant in Tulum with great attention, but I had yet to watch the documentary even though my brother told me to time and time again.

Noma2It’s an incredible story about the inspiration and creation behind the world’s best restaurant, Noma, in Copenhagen. I don’t know how culinary minds do it but there is something so magical and encouraging about the way they talk about food, the way they plate food, the way they taste food. It stirs up something inside of you, it’s emotional and inspiring.

There’s always some challenge, there are always ups and downs, yelling and swearing, naysayers and critics. In his relatively short 8 years in restaurants, my brother can tell stories after story that remind you of a lesser version of Hell’s Kitchen, but a version of it nonetheless. But I guess that’s what you get when you work with so many passionate people in an environment that evokes every emotion for the only intention of making people happy. Perhaps that’s what’s so captivating about it.

My brother and I dream of eating our way through Michelin Stars. Eleven Madison Park, Grace, Alinea, but of course if I can choose just one, Noma would be it.


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