Adventure Guide: Sayulita, Nayarit, MX

Pura Vida. God do I love Mexico. For the longest time Puerto Vallarta has been my happy place but I have to say the more air conditioners are installed in renovated shops on the malacon and the more Starbucks I start to see, the more my heart starts to move north. About 40 minutes north to Sayulita in the state of Nayarit. The place where my heart now sits.

I’d been up to Sayulita many times in the past 10 years for day trips, including twice last May while on vacation in the Riveria. There are definitely more Gringos, than in the early 2000s, I mean come on, even the place we stayed is located in an area of town aptly named “Gringo Hill” even on maps. There are more restaurants too – whether opened by Canadians or Americans or wealthy Mexicans, I don’t care. Sayulita is still a charming little surf town with the friendliest of people, foodie peddlers galore, surf, sand, sun and magic.


Where we stayed. Like I said, there is a whole area of town called “Gringo Hill”. We rented an adorable two bedroom bungalow from a friend. With so many Gringos in Sayulita there’s no shortage of VRBOs to rent, but there are also some incredible boutique hotels to stay and play at. Some right near the town square and some located on deserted stretches of beautiful beach a short walk or golf cart ride from town. Think Playa Escondida where the 2016 season of Bachelor in Paradise was filmed.


What we did. We walked a whole bunch. This blog isn’t called The Adventure Blanket for nothing. We like to adventure and our adventures usually take us off the beaten path, our favourite being a deserted beach in North Sayulita. There we found caves and waves and jungle walks, deserted beaches and a cove with just enough room for one blanket to remain without getting wet.



We surfed. Well, sort of. I talk like I’m good at surfing because I’ve blue crushed the waves in both Tofino and Santa Monica and the first day of surfing I’m sure I was better than the average bear. But the second day we went out all day and I think I was under water more than I was above.

The last two years we have rented from Lunazul but there are rental and surf schools a plenty on and off the beach. Even if you don’t get up, or you last less than an hour, I swear it’s worth it for the use of their washrooms and hoses.


And while we weren’t surfing we were drooling over the food the peddlers didn’t even have to aggressively try sell us on the beach, because it’s delicious.



We meandered the shops, my favourite being Evoke The Spirit beside the lovely La Esperanza where we frequented for our morning Americanos. We walked to the deserted beach near Playa Escondida and the renowned Haramara Retreat where we collected driftwood around the hermit crabs, watched the sunset and drank porch climber around a beach fire. We ate.


Where we ate. We cooked some. We ate ice cream from The Happiness Factory almost every day. We suppered at Don Pedros on the beach, ordered takeout pizza from La Rustica, got our caffeine fixes at La Esperanza and ate Mexican at Mary’s. We had a quick and dirty eggs rancheros breakfast at Chocobanana, just because we did it last year and it’s iconic.


There was salt in air, we got sand in our hair. And we totally fell deeper in love, with Sayulita and each other. For more awesome resources and links check out this blog. Then book your trip to Sayulita.

All We Need Is Love And A Little Ice Cream.


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