Beer Guide: The Spruce Beer – Halifax, NS


Like a tall drink of water. Oh baby… Oh, ahem, ‘scuse me. That’s my boyfriend, the Tall Drink of Water. If I could bottle up this tall drink of water, the outdoors, some plaid and a toque, it would taste like this spruce beer.

This beer does not taste like water, at all. It tastes like Christmas. It tastes like how my hike up this side of the mountain to drink it smelled. It tastes like you’re drinking the forest. It tastes delicious.

Tried my first spruce beer at Christmas. Phillip’s Stump Coastal Forest Botanical Ale. Tasted like I walked over and licked the Christmas tree, loved it. Who doesn’t love Christmas? And why wouldn’t you love it in your mouth?

This one is a bit less intense, so for some, potentially even more delicious. My fave people at Oak & Vine in Inglewood where they have only like the best selection, introduced me to this Garrison Brewing Co.s Spruce Beer. This Nova Scotia beaut is a strong beer too so it makes you all warm which is always an awesome feeling.

Drink up. It’s a seasonal.



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