City Guide: Invermere, BC

Is it gonna be fun, she said. Is there even anything to do there, she said. We should go to Victoria, she said. Think about it, like it’s Victoria.

We went to Invermere, BC and she was eatin’ her words the whole time.

My older sister’s bf and I took her to the cute Columbia Valley town for a weekend birthday getaway, and even though we grew up an hour from there and have visited many times even as of late, we couldn’t believe how much sweeter it gets with each visit.

Our stay at Copper Point was lovely, as it always is. The one bedroom suite with a loft was so on point we ate up every second of vegging, watching the most recent episode of Girls, flipping through February’s Avenue while making our Mercato and nibbling on a room service charcuterie board, washing it down with some local Arrowhead Likeabull Lager and soaking in the outdoor hot tub while the snow fell softly (and also annoyingly) on and around us.

And then there was the rest of the weekend.

We stretched and sweat with Yin/Yang Saturday morning at Mountain Om Yoga & Wellness then spent all our money at Om Organics Boutique Apothecary where the Cucumber Eye Serum has already saved my life. And my face. Everything’s Om here, I guess they are pretty zen. I mean I do feel pretty chilled out.

Next we went to Do Nothing. No, but actually. It’s called Do Nothing and it sells super yummy cold pressed juice and smoothies plus they have float tanks. The green juice is delicious and if you add a “shot” of ashwagandha to it, they tell ya you’ll chill out even more. I think it worked.


Do Nothing

Because I like to pretend I’m on the Amazing Race every time I go on a trip, Kicking Horse Coffee was our next stop for a vanilla latte and deadly carrot muffin before we spoiled ourselves with massages and facials Fusion Wellness Spa then ate pretzels from the iconic Invermere Bakery.

A pint at The Station. A delicious cheese fondue, wine and entré at Birchwood filled us up enough to put us into food comas until the morning when we woke up and fed our bellies all over again.

Homemade granola to top our fruit and yogurt alongside Lemon Ginger scones from Yum Bakery that road-tripped out with us from the city, washed down with some Better Cold Pressed Juice from The Cherry Pit in the Calgary Farmer’s Market was the perfect prep for the drive back home.

This was winter. Panorama is a heartbeat away and so are the Radium and Fairmont Hot Springs. Invermere on the Lake they call it, pretty self-explanatory, and safe to say our girls weekend in Invermere just became a bi-annual thing.

And to my sister on her birthday, have your fucking cake.


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