Adventure Guide: Winter – Kananaskis, AB

I’ve fallen in love with Kananaskis. Lived in Calgary for 12 years and had never been out to K-Country until last summer. Tsk tsk, what a miss that had been. It’s beautiful, it’s open, it’s full of wonder and lakes and hiking and green, snow and snowshoeing, skiing mountains and adventure…

We’ll save the summer fun discussion for when it’s not puking the weird white wet shit outside like it was today (seriously, what is that? It’s like saltwater taffy – is it gum is it food, is it snow is it rain? Who knows.) And instead talk about some other rad things you can do in the winter out in Kananaskis this Family Day weekend.

Skate on an outdoor rink. We are obsessed with the Upper Kananaskis Lake and found this super sweet clear spot somewhat near the damn to lace up our skates and then later have a fire and eat smores on the bank. It was magic. Rent your skates from Sports Rent on the way out of Calgary or Kananaskis Outfitters in the Village. Be confident the ice is thick enough and safe to skate on, otherwise take to the pond in Kananaskis Village.


Snowshoe. We did Hogarth Loop but there are tons of loops, lakes, trails and tours to go on. Kananaskis Outfitters does star-gazing snowshoe tours and ones that end with chocolate fondue. If you head out to the trails in the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park you are more likely to wander amongst Canmore locals than the tourists who stick close to the Village.

Ski Nakiska. Or tube. Just don’t be in a rush to come home cause there’s often a line-up coming out of it to turn back onto the main road that’s like a bazillion cars long. It moves faster than you’d think but I like to exaggerate.

If you can slip in a stay at the Delta in Kananaskis Village, why not. Stop in for afternoon tea after your snowhoe at Mount Engadine Lodge or just finish your adventure with a beer, nachos and Buckhunter at Woody’s before you head back.

Happy Family Day Alberta.


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